professor (crass12340) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

2nd Set

ok well Maybe some of you remember me.. but I doubt it.
Anyway I brushed my first set out at 5 months I think.
They were giving me alot of problems for a number of reasons..
A) although I had read the memories over and over and over again
I hadnt backcombed them well enough.. this caused the dreads to tighten up much more slowly.
B) I had multiple weak spots in my dreads ... Most of them would be dreaded and really tight in the middle but about an inch of the root and and inch and a half end of the dread wouldnt be knotted at all!!!.
C) At 5 months the ones in the back started coming apart.. could understand...

So, I brush them out and enjoyed having long brushable hair (something Ive never experienced in my life) for a few months not long at all .... after about 2 weeks of brushing them out I couldnt get out of the hair maintenance routine of having dreaded hair and I started to neglect it... and a few natural dreads were born so I thought what the heck lets start a second set.

so I did. I have 9 so far.. More are to come. I dread a few at a time, taking my time to perfect each one making sure there nice and tight from end to end.

So here they are

my first set just to show how short they were. My hair was really long after I had brushed them out

heres the new set.. Please ignore the faces I cant smile or be serious in pictures ever.

The orange one here is my favorite it twist and curls up.

the back, You can make out a few if you cant sorry

My fatty

left side

right side

thats all I have for now. I do a few here and there.
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