Girl. (screaming__pink) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Nine 1/2 Months

Not much change since the last time I took photos of them. Though it is funny to see how much a few of them have shrunk. They are like little dready nubbins, especially compared to my bra band length brushable hair.

My little man passed out on the couch because he isn't feeling well. ♥

I have never flipped my dreads through their roots but for some reason one little guy is split at the root as if I had. Not sure why it decided to grow that way but I'm sure it will be fine in time. Probably just happened because the hair is more sparse and spread out in that section. It looks almost like two tiny dreadlings combined themselves but that isn't it, either. Maybe one of these days I'll do some maintenance and grab some of the loose hairs from the area to fill in the naked spot. Who knows. I'm not really worried about it. :)
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