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Starting from scratch...

So Friday I had my 3rd insanely bad allergic reaction to conditioner. Fine. Whatever. Perfect excuse to start the dreads I was already planning anyway. I wanted to go the route of letting them form themselves sometime when my hair was a little longer, but here we go. I haven't brushed my hair since it grew in anyway, but the siliconey bad crap kept knots from forming/staying until now.

I bring you...

Some time last summer before the great clipper madness.

I miss my little hawk... but not enough to ever want to maintain it again.

Off it comes... bald was lovely but brief. No more face metal *frown*

Probably the most recent pic of my natural haircolor.

Little longer, discovering that brown looks crap on me, ignore the makeup.

Back to black... woo.

The front is fake.

More with the fake front... Yeeah.

Maybe a day or two before bleaching/dying it auburn.

A week or two ago, maybe.


Today after 3 days of Dr. Bronner's and leaving it the hell alone.

Little closer to the actual color.
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