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I promised pictures from my vacation to Mexico. I was on the Mayan Riviera near Playa del Carmen. Everywhere I went (especially in the town) people were shouting "Rasta!" at me and on some occasions trying to sell me drugs. I only met one other dreaded person and he was staying at my resort! Shout out to Alejandro from Spain :) 
Our catamaran tour stopped at an estuary (fresh/saltwater mix) to swim...

The cenote (sink hole) we stopped at! Isn't it beautiful?

You can see my dreads the best in this photo

A really REALLY bad picture of me on top of the mayan ruins at Ek Balam. My boyfriend saw it and couldn't believe it was me!

I miss palm trees...

... and iguanas!

My mum and I :) 

... and I think the saltwater tightened my dreads!

The end :)

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