liz (dystopiate) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Pictures of my dreads as of a couple days ago

How do I make them better?! They're over two years old. I've got lots of loose hairs, and even though I use one of those plastic sewing needle-type things that are meant for sewing dental floss through teeth underneath braces. I don't know how to fix them with a crochet hook. Rolling doesn't help. I'm not using products.

More importantly, the ends keep unraveling. I re-roll and back-comb them, but they still do it.

More importantly, I started out trying to keep my scalp "clean," so that the parts in between each lock were clear. That's how I want it to look. But after I stopped using scissors (which was a terrible idea and why I have so many loose strands,) it started getting all messed up at the scalp, which I don't like. I want to be able to touch the scalp with no hair on it and see the parts between each lock. That's how I try to wash it, between the dreads ....

Anyway ... opinions? Advice? Want to tell me just how damn cute I am? Please comment. <3
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