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Time Traveller's Ball - webbycam pics!

So, I know I almost never ever ever ever post here. I read though, all the time.

My dreads turned 4 last september. I've cut them twice, as they were down to my hips and I didn't know what to do with them anymore. I left two long when I cut them last... they're my squid arms/feelers.

Anyway, I'm dressed up for a party that's STILL going on downstairs! It is/was a time traveller's ball. I spent most of today weaving/knotting a 10 ft WEB OF TIME and finishing up the transporter/gogo cage (built around one of my hula hoops!) I went with a costume that's much like most of my other costumes, some sort of shamanistic/goddess/priestess/creator/destroyer archetype. You can't see in the photos, but this is a semi-kimono empire waist dress, paired with knee-high moccasins. :)

Costumes are fun. (but hard, as I pretty much wear costumes every day, so dressing up *special* is just things I can't really wear to work so much) I hope you enjoy my silly face.

Oh and ps, beware of garnier 100% color! I used two boxes of the light red (I think it was "rich auburn blonde") on my hair, and the consistency of the dye was a NIGHTMARE. I have dark red dreads, light red dreads, mostly patchy red dreads and IT DIDN'T EVEN DYE MY LOOSE HAIR! bad shit, nasty mojo. I'll be using henna from now on. Oddly enough, I have used their nutrisse line with great success in the past, as well as many other box red-dyes. This one just happened to be pure evil. (don't forget to check out lish's awesome dying tutorial if you're new to hairdye btw! - hope you don't mind the plug lish!)

-now with corrected html!
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