Dreadie Bettie (i_am_kid_virus) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Dreadie Bettie

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new apartment fun

heres some pictures of the new apartment my friend and i are moving into in the next few days after its finished. i finally cleaned up my dreads.

living room

kitchen..not finished..

my room, its alot blue-er than the pictures show.

tommmy...my friend since i was 5.

me and tommy painting...ive recently finally finished dreading my hair after months i decided to dread all the hair that wasnt dreading itself. and cleaned up the rest a bit so they dont look like a big natty rats nest..even though i liked them like that too i decided i wanted them to look like dreads =)

spazz shot.

there really isnt a way to describe tommy.
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