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huhu! :)

i think it's been a little while since my last post, but i don't remember exactly when that was. since then, my life has been pretty much crazy. multiple bankruptcies, losing my mom's store, foreclosure on our house, my sister with serious lymph node issues... argh. aaaaaand my best friend is moving with her husband (air force) to germany on the 16th for four years, so that sucks too. on top of all that, i recently discovered i am somehow behind in hours for my degree and will probably graduate a semester late, which brings along its own annoyances. things are quite stressful for the most part, but we get by a day at a time.

oh, and my hair is still awesome!

a bunch of pictures, some more recent than others.

my bangs are getting stupid long because i can't decide what to do with them.

cat cameo! :D

mah roots.

i have some kind of crazy color gradient going on.
that tends to happen when you don't keep up with hair-dying. :)

my timekeeper dread is now as long from the joint as it is on each end. :D awesome.

i thought it would give me a clue as to when the two conjoined, but alas... the physical tendencies of dreads don't lend themselves to simple math. ;)

i know it's been said before, but HOLY MACRO, BATMAN!

so apparently my camera DOES have a macro setting, haha.
no clue why my dreads look blonde though. there was no flash/extra light.

the most snow i've seen in ages.

my amazing friend jacob. we go on adventures!

me getting frustrated with my hair and being silly.

i know the following three are older, but not sure by how much.

i also managed to lose my glasses recently, which has left me with one pair of contacts til my new glasses come in in two weeks. D: boo.

back to current stuff!
it's hard for me to take a good picture of the back of my head apparently.

das war's! :D
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