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i need some advice from people on how to rinse out your dreads especially well when you wash them. i live where it's really cold in the winter, so i just try not to get my hair wet more than i absolutely need to after some point in october and before late march/early april, because cold wet dreads are no fun to have stuck to your head, and because during a three week long sub-freezing cold snap last winter they took a day and a half to get dry when i washed them. anyway, i just rinsed out my hair for the first time since september, and i'm still having a really hard time rinsing out what i'm assuming is the dr bronner's that i washed my hair with then. i'm talking like squeezing the same lock for fifteen minutes in the shower and still getting a ton of what seems like soapy building that smells vaguely of peppermint, but is darker colored than the soap. my dreads smell pretty ok, i just wanted to rinse my hair because my scalp would than me and for some freakish reason it's been 60ish out for the past few days, despite being december. my dreads are also denser than most other people's dreadlocks that i've had a chance to compare mine to, so i think i'm having a harder time with rinsing and drying. eg - i can't push a safety pin through it easily anymore, and i haven't for over a year (my dreads are about a month shy of being two years old)

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