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i have so many good pictures you may just go blind in an ironic tragedy...

Gash and Daylight robbery soundsystem had a soundsystem showdown in a club on sunday, they normally do freeparties but they were trying to raise some cash... the pictures are fantastic though lots of them arent showing up and im not sure why :/  lots of beautiful dreadie and dreadless people alike :)

im not normally the dress wearing type but the gig was all female Dj's and all guys wishing to DJ had to wear dresses so i ended up getting pampered and dolled up :)


oh yes and heres my head as of sunday morning.

polly and nats burlesque routine, if your looking to book dancers in the UK look up whiplash burlesque :) it was pollies first time on stage

nikki (DJ Euphonique), you can see where i've started her dreads in this one..

fordie, dans and pollies dreads you can see i think

Annie actually has arse length dreads, not that you can tell from this pic, her roots are undreaded to her shoulders its strange i've never seen anything like it :/

me a GIGANTIC guy and pingu

inner terrestrials, when he dances he whirls them around him like a cape

agood shot of pollies dreads

monique hates this picture but i adore it, you can see her dreadlings that i started too

Paul from the autonomads (check them out on myspace) i helped start his dreads, if you look close you can see the carrot one

Beanie 'dubbin up the downfall'

gorlesque at its best

my very very brief burlesque stage appearance

hope you enjoyed :)



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