Красное Динамо! (kikkomato) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
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I can't believe this actually happened.

My dreads are at four months, and they're locking up very nicely and are proving themselves to be awesome super fatties... But still.

I was in the mall yesterday, standing and staring at the directory and sipping my boba slushie(I'm addicted to those) when I heard one of those loud cameraphone noises go off directly behind my head. I turned around and there was this like.. mall-goth anime girl with cat ears on holding her phone up pointed at me like a foot away from my head. I just kinda stared at her then went "Uh.. did.. you just take a picture of me?" and she goes "Yeah, sorry I just never saw anyone..like.. you.. with dreadlocks before. They look weird." I just kinda turned around and walked away. The messed up part is that afterwards I felt embarassed. Totally messed up my relaxing mall time. :[

Anyone ever taken pictures of you or your dreads without even asking?
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