Katie (journalface) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

maintenance session: martin

hey guys!

i did maintenance on martin's 3 year old dreads this week. he had some really huge clumps of loose hair at the scalp, and wanted them cleaned up. he wanted a more professional look as he's hoping to go into the field of medicine. he even brought his organic chemistry books over to study!

he also had a few dreads that were on the verge of falling out from weak spots. he had previously attempted to fix them by flipping one dread through the root of another and trying to grow them out that way. this creates an even worse weak spot, so i repaired the damage and connected the smaller dreads to nearby fatter ones. he wanted the dreads to grow out together at the roots, but maintain their individual ends, so i gave him the forked dread look.


i actually quite liked that one giant curl in the back, i was almost sad to combine it into his old dreads!

here you can see the two forked dreads flipped through each other.


here is one of the combined dreads.

here you can see where it forks.

this is the other one that needed combining.

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