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was doing some (crappy) maintenance on my dreads last night. made two more from the HUGE chunks that are just loose hair, that kinda never dreaded..lame. ANYWAY my bf, Liam, was watching me and was FASCINATED. jokes. So I said to him "want one?" and he was like, "Hell yes!".

In a nutshell he now has three TINY teeny weeny dreads at the back of his head. PLEASE don't ask how I managed to dread hair that is about 3 inches long, maybe 2. but they are quite thick, and he has very very good dreading hair (if there is such a thing).
I was genuinely so jealous of them and i will post pictures. I miss my dread babies.
He looks ridiculous by the way, and I will try to convince him to do all of his hair. I tried my best for a dreadhawk, but to no avail...

that was long. sorry. x
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