lux beata (translucent) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
lux beata

Lovely GUDU folk! I hope this is okay. I used to read this community in the small hours of the night, when there wasn't much going for my life. Just me and the dark. You're wonderful folk - there's an inspiring happiness and acceptance here, there really is!

I remember a girl studying piano in eastern Europe, I think, who was aiming to let her hair dread up naturally. I'd love to know how you got on, or anyone else here who has fine, straight hair that's dreaded naturally or with a little help.

(Mine's like that - & while I've never dreaded up, I have been dreaming about wool braids, and my uncut-for-years hair is my hermit's beard even though I'm no hermit these days!)

Big love and kusjes to all. :D

And if anyone knows where in the UK I can get 3mm/8g (ish) wooden plugs for oh-so-slightly stretched ears, that would be fabulous too!

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