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New, sort of

Hi there members of GUDU. I've lurked this community for some time now, mostly forced by kikkomato shortly after i started her dreads. Since then I've done another full set of dreads, and two half sets (if you can call it that) on various friends, I also do dread maintenance for friends, using the backcomb&crochet method (i personally feel it works best when dreading all types of hair). I do have one little dread of my own two and plan to do a full set once my hair is much longer.

kikkomato's after a backcomb&crochet maintenance session. Not to mention I combed out a few of her dreads that were starting to eat one an other, then re-combed them into thicker dreads, and split all of her roots.

My friend's shortly after my stylest and i did her full set.

and more recently i had to do maintenance on her because she had so many fly aways that refuse to dread, plus they needed to look over maintenanced and more "neat" because she just got a job in a beauty supply store.
again i used the backcomb&crochet method.

in the process of doing a half set.

This was the night after i put in my own dread. Witch originally had an extension in it (it was probably only about an inch long or so), that feel out two weeks later during it's first wash.
I originally put it in because i've always wanted dreads but i was never sure if i could stand it. I found out i can... aside from the initial itching. I've been taking care of it after shower time and after washes by palm rolling right after drying it out with a towel, and later when it's completely dry spraying a mixture of salt water and a little lemon juice onto it and re-rounding my tips (if needed). So far it's been fine, and i've been fascinated the overall process. It's been about two months and i've had almost a full inch of growth too, maybe a little over an inch.

Recently i've run into a problem and i'm not sure how to mend it: A lot of my new growth is starting to grow into two seperate dreads. The last few days i've tried palm rolling, croceting, and backcombing but it wont work itself together again. I wear a bead on my little friend, and have placed out over this weird spot in my dread thinking maybe it will help a little by agitaing the spot and getting it to grow together some. I'd appreciate any advice on what i should do, or if i should just leave it alone for the time being?

And I dont know if this would help with helping me, but i have very curly hair and have a medium thickness.
Right now i've been using whats left of my Aveda Be Curly™ shampoo to wash my hair because it's non-moisturizing and has a wheat protein that expands hair while wet and tightens up as it drys. So far i haven't run into any problems using it.
Sorry i dont have any recent pictures of my dread to show how it's growing out or even how it looks at the moment. My cameras dead and it's too hard for my to take a picture of new growth in my hair until i smooth the rest of it.

Please and thank you GUDU!
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