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My Flip Attempt is Fail

This is the most fun pic--the others wound up with my head either way out of frame or with my face contorted and looking as if I were having a stroke.

A mess!

These are just about four months old. My boyfriend did them for me on a long Sunday (and Monday evening) with no wax, and I am still happy and in love. I have my days of 'My head is a mess. Barf.' But then I move on and remind myself that it's a looooong process.

They're very loose today, because I washed 'em yesterday. Per the memories of this community, I tried Dr. Bronners, then I tried it diluted, then I tried it diluted with the occasional ACV rinse to clear the residue, but unfortunately my hair never felt clean. Even worse, it sort of stopped dreading, and just always seemed waxy or oily, as if I were secretly massaging my scalp with pork chops. Now I'm using LUSH's Seanik and that seems to be working okay--my hair feels clean at least, and there doesn't seem to be any conditioning effect. It's all a lot of experimentation, obviously.

My teeny braid, going across my ear. That little patch just would NOT dread so I braided him and resolved to deal with him later. My locks are on the skinny side and I'm hoping as they lock they'll fatten and shorten a bit. They're also a bit crazy with the loose hairs, so I'm looking forward to crocheting them in a few months. I keep wanting to try crocheting them now but am forcing myself to be patient.

I've noticed an itty-bit amount of shrinkage, so that's good. And some are hard and have that wool feeling to them--success!

I would like to try the wool hat thing, but I live in Orlando, Florida and its starting to get hot here again (and my apologies to those folks who are still getting snow, I would totally trade with you if I could--I'd rather put more layers on than be stuck in a sweaty Tshirt with only the 'Take all my clothes off to cool down then get arrested' option). I get sweaty just thinking about going outside so I'm a little hesitant to try a wool hat, but if they work I'll try wearing them just inside or something.

So what do y'all think? Are they moving right along? Is there anything besides palm-rolling and root-rubbing I should be doing?

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