the not-so-Bedreaded Deadhead anymore (pablotheguitar) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
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hair dye always the twilight zone

i'm so confuzled now... here's my story. about a week ago, give or take a few days, i dyed four of my dreads red. i might not have squished the dye in enough or left it on long enough, so when i rinsed it out only 2 1/2 dreads were dyed. but it looked pretty cool, so whatever. i should have used gloves, but that's beside the point. so i ended up not washing my hair for two weeks...maybe it was two weeks ago that i did that...? whoa. but my question is, if i haven't been washing my hair, why did the dye fade? my hair can't be oily, because don't the dreads trap oil and not spread it down the whole length of hair? or am i just mixing things up? ?
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