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 So, last night, I finally gave in and started dreads in my "beautiful and smooth curly hair" (my mother's words). I now have seven baby dreads along the nape. I'm very pleased with them and I'm gonna work on forming more after I update this post!

They're barely 12 hours old now. I'm really digging them; those seven probably took me an hour to get started. I started them off with a little bit of rip & twist at the roots (so I would have a little bit of a structure as I was backcoming, my hair doesn't seem to like to knot if I backcomb only), then backcoming and palmrolling for the rest of the way. I was surprised at the texture - I was expecting something different, but it's really a fun texture, I'm digging how they feel at the nape of my neck. 

Of course, I've been lurking around here for probably a couple of months, reading the memories inside & out, but I was wondering, if there is anything I should keep an eye out while my babies are forming? I'm probably gonna leave them alone, spritz them with salt water and palm roll while they're wet. I just want to have a wonderful experience with my dreads..!
(Off topic, but lishd , do you still have some of those headwraps that you posted a while back about, are there some still for sale? Thanks!)

Happy dreading, everybody. You all are lovely people and really motiviated me to finally get a start on my babies.

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