skylar (ohsodangerous) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Hi guys, you may have seen my username around in the past (which I sort of find embarassing - I was 13 I believe when I made this account). I'm just here to formally introduce myself, and the birth of my very first dreadlock!

My name is Skylar, I'm from the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia, Canada. I'm nearly 16 years old, and I have wanted a set of dreadlocks of my own since I was a little girl in primary school. It was just a matter of when. I talked it over with my parents last year, and they were all for it. Now that my hair is long enough, and I am ready, I am just beginning to indulge in the land of dreads! I have read the memories on several occasions over the past year or so, and I would like to say that I am ready for dreads!

I created my first one just minutes ago, and I feel pretty happy. I've been smiling while walking around the house feeling like I'm straight out of whoville. I'd like to ask you all your opinions - does it look tight enough to you?

PS. My hair is in a pony tail, but it is layered, and so I'm interested as to how they will fall!

Anyways, it is my spring break as of today, and so I have just over two weeks before school is back in. I'm sure that within a few days I will have a full head. :)

I'm glad to finally be able to post with pictures and tales of my own! Take care y'all.


in the process of being made

I tried settling them down abit, but gave up

from the front, no more settled

just another picture
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