collapse on impact (cat_turnedblue) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
collapse on impact


Help, please?

I've been dying to start a second set of dreads for about 6 months now, but with work and whatnot I just haven't gotten the time to do it. My plans have been to get up to Canada to have them made via the crochet method without any wax, etc at an awesome salon I found. The problem is - getting up to Canada! I just don't have the time, or rather - vacation time - to get up there to have them made.

My first set got to be around 4 years old, but had been started with wax and it drove me nuts. So I brushed them out over the course of a week and have been enjoying my normal hair for about 2 years while growing it out. Now I'm ready for dreadiness again!

Are there any salons/peoples in the New Jersey/Pennsylvania/New York area that can crochet some dreads for me? I've been looking whenever I get a chance, but that isn't too often. :-p

These shots are of my first set - taken about 2.5 years ago.

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