paulmack (paulmack) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

here's what's on my mind.
i love my dreads. i would rather have a full set of dreads than not have dreads.
however, i liked having my brushable hair at the front of my head.
so im thinking of cutting off a bunch of my front dreads.. all the way to the ears.
ive actually been thinking about this for a long time and ive bookmarked a selection of pictures that kind of demonstrate what im trying to achieve..
i am going to try this next sunday.
ive decided if i dont like what becomes of this project than i am just going to cut off all my dreads,
which i've also decided i would be content with.
so anyway, im taking a gamble.
either itll be 50 times better or 50 times worse, in which case i cut them and be content with it.
oh the good news would be if im happy with it, i can use the front dreads to extend my back dreads!

so this is what i look like right now.

and these pictures kind of show what i want to do.. except i dont know how long or how short i should leave my front hair and where the line should be drawn...

^ this guys gudu post at


^ uhh, probably a bit too short.

^ this post at

^ this post at

and this is what i imagine it might look like except i would have longer hair in the front (just a picture of my front dreads tied back):

this is my old hair for reference of what the front might be like:

any opinions on how short/long i should make my hair..
or tips on how to make the transition..
or photoshop skills..
all of these things would be appreciated.


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