Heavenly Evil (heavenlyevil) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Heavenly Evil

Don’t Lose Your Head

I’ve mentioned before that I dreaded my hair, and thought it was about time I posted pictures. This is what my hair looked like last summer, with my first set:

first set (front)

first set (back)

I had these ones for 2.5 months before I got frustrated and combed them out. I hadn’t backcombed enough when I did them, and all but the top two inches was tangled in any way.

This is what my hair looks like now, 3.5 months into my second set:

second set (front)

second set (back)

second set (left)

second set (right)

My mom sectioned my hair and got the backcombing started, and I spent the rest of the week backcombing more until I had each dread as tight as they were going to get. I’m not using any products in my hair, just letting knots form and leaving it alone. I wash my hair as much as I did before dreading it and treat it the same. For me, this means letting it air dry and either having it down or in a ponytail.

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