Witchiebunny (witchiebunny) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Two posts in two days? AMAZING!

I just had the most interesting experience.

I was at the gas station, buying a drink for my husband and I and I noticed there was an older black woman in there, just behind me with her hair somewhat undone and looking a bit of a mess, but otherwise conventional (relaxed, but short, damaged, and looking like she tried to pull it back but just let the shorter hairs stick up and out in all directions, etc.)

I head out to the car and as I'm starting to get in, she walks up to me and says "Excuse me, but can I give you my business card in my car? I own a hair shop down the street."

Now Tucson, AZ is not a huge town by my standards, since I grew up in Philly. And it's a college town to boot. I've seen other dreadlocked people in the streets, but no other *black* people with thick, backcombed dreads like mine. Whatever, dreads are dreads, right?

I looked at the woman and said "Uhm....you can, but I have dreads," and I tugged on one. "And I'm not taking them out...so.."

So nodded, got in her car and drove off.

Now I wonder what made her think *my* hair was such a mess that I needed a beautician who couldn't keep her own hair straight.

Interesting indeed. I can't wait to return to Philly. At least there I have friends who can point and laugh at people's collective prejudices with me.
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