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I'm sitting right next to you, bro.

So I was in the commons/student services area at my school(St. Pete College, represent) and it's a nice little lounge area with tables, comfy chairs, a giant chess board, etc etc. I'm sitting with two kind of out-there friends of mine and one of their friends who I just met today. A girl with gorgeous dreads walks up and asks where a certain room is, and i tell her so she thanks me and goes to find it. The kid sitting next to me, RIGHT NEXT TO ME goes "yeah now all she needs is a better hairstyle, ew". And i just gaped at him in disbelief because he said it loud enough for her to hear it if she wasn't distracted.

Him: *shitty comment*
Me: Uh, excuse me what.
Him: That shit looks ugly on girls.
Me: *takes my hair down from the loose bun it was in* Uh, fuck you dude. (I'm more eloquent when I'm less offended.)
Him: Whatever it just looks bad.

>:| Anger. But it was all made better because she walked by again after he left and I talked to her about them and how old they were and all that. So, yeah. I wish I could have said something less vulgar to the kid but I blurted it out as I was taking my hair down.
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