Katie (journalface) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

extending jason's dreads

hi guys!

i recently had a hair client fly in from green bay, wisconsin to have me put extensions in and dye his hair. he brought his lovely wife and we had a nice long journey together of making his dreads long and luscious. enjoy these pics!

this is the before shot. as you can see, his color was uneven and he wanted to make sure it was all one color after we were done, close to his natural shade.

this is after all the extensions are attached. the color differences make me chuckle.

and four boxes of dye later, we have the final result!

if you're interested in coming to dallas to have me perform this process for you, or just to order a set of your own, just send me a pm or email me at dreadlochness@gmail.com. enjoy, kids! :D
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