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Dreads and a hike >_-.

The boy and I got the itch to wander.. so we went for a hike on some trail we came across when looking for a different one. O_o. It was called Black Star Canyon road =o. We got some pictures and I wanted to share a few with you dreadies. <3 The oak trees were impressive. Saw some deer tracks, even a few deer, but too far to get a good shot of. Lots of warning about large predatory cats, but the worst we saw were some fairly irritable ants that lived in the hollows of some of the oaks. So; enjoy. <3 Happy Ostara too!

Stick. I has one.

Some lady found our picnic and my head amusing, and asked to let her take a picture of us.

Beta in a cave.

Being mushy assed sods.

I <3 flowers.

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