Raccoon Boy (strfvr) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Raccoon Boy

Today I went by a cafe that most of my friends work at. When I first waked in, one of my friends was helping a lady at the register, who I smiled and waved at.
A few minutes later my friend walked back to where I was sitting and dictated to me the conversation that followed my entrance.
Lady (to my friend): "What are THOSE?!"
My friend: "Dreadlocks."
Lady: "What locks?"
Friend: "Dreadlocks."
Lady: "How do you do that?"
Friend: "Basically it's purposefully putting knots in your hair."
Lady: "Oh, I don't like those. Do you like those?"
Friend (whose boyfriend, [info]z4ck8, has dreads): "Yeah, they're alright."
Lady: "Eh, to each their own."

I just thought it was an interesting interaction to share.
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