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hello, gudu!

one month and two ago today, i sat on cara's bed. i could feel karlie's legs behind me, gesika to the right and cara to the left. starting at the bottom of my head, metal combs scraped back hair, twisted and pulled and rolled for five hours. conversation poured out, everyone was laughing, happy, in an exponential mood. when it was finished, i leaned my head back against the wall. i had a pillow! I HAD DREADS!

i've wanted dreads for a while. when i met karlie and gesika, i loved their dreads. they had becautifully maturing dreads that were just over a half year, and a few months later, i had asked them if they would help me start a set of my own. i thought that at this point in time, it was right. i had just gone through a rough breakup, gotten over the death of my father, and changed a lot. and i knew that i still wanted to change more. i wanted to be better in so many ways, and i knew that i needed change in my life. to me, the growth and maturing of my dreadlocks, taking care of them, it symbolized metamorphisis, and change. it was a change from what i had been like before.

before having dreads, i had always been rather self concious. of myself, and my appearance. in the last few weeks, i have found myself happy with what i look like. my dreads are messy, some take u-turns and stick out at 90 degree angles and i'm certain i look like sideshow bob, and man, i love it. i have never been so okay with myself, and my physical appearance. i'm fine with my scraggly hair, and the nasty comments that i get i have found that i can laugh off. i've learned that the people who matter don't mind, and the people who mind, don't matter!

two weeks in, and i'm already so stoked over them. i can't wait for them to grow up, and i love them more every day. i have thirty two beautiful dreads. the right side of my head is mostly a light blonde, while the rest is a dark brown. where the blonde is, it has grown out into roots, and the blonde swirls right into the dread! some of them look a mocha color, while others are a bright blonde completely, and it looks AMAZING. i can't wait until these dreads grow out, i'm excited to see what they will look like!

but more than anything, i'm just loving being a dreadhead. :]

pictures at two weeks!

also, a little rant!
i had two girls ask me to help them start a set of dreads.
the first one, i spent six hours working on hers. i thought they looked really good, and i was pretty stoked over it. i used a backcomb method, and i was very proud. the next day, i saw her. she had pulled them out overnight.
a week or so later, a good friend of mine wanted a set, stoked on her dreads, i let her contemplate a few days to be SURE, and when she was certain, we did them. five and a half hours later, she had an even more gorgeous set, and i had sore hands. but they looked even MORE amazing, and suited her so well! THE NEXT DAY, she decided she didn't want them, and the cos teacher helped her take them out.
am i just jynxed at this? both of them have been talking about wanting dreads for months, and now both just don't want them anymore.
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