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hi everyone! non-dreadhead here with a question for all of you

i've always loved dreads, but never had the guts to get them. i'm a very indecisive person & i change my hair around a lot, so i can picture myself growing tired of them quickly. but a little while ago i decided to give myself one little baby dread, just to see how it looked.

i loved it. i kept it for about a month before the constant nagging from my mom convinced me to comb it out. however, i just got a scholarship to a university about two hours away, where i'll be living on my own. i want my dread back!

is it alright to do this? i looked in the memories for posts about single dreads but couldn't find any. i'm just concerned because i'll still have to wash my hair every other day & i want to avoid any problems with getting the dread wet so often. also, if i wanted to dye that section of hair, is it better to do so before or after i dread it?

i hope you guys don't think i'm a total loser for being all concerned over a single dread, haha. i miss it so much!

thanks in advance
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