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Sensibleken and nollipop's irish adventure

the first time i met my lovely girlfriend nollipop</lj>  here on gudu we talked about her family's old farm in Mayo (stop laughing americans!) and how shed like to go back and try and find it. so when she came over a few weeks ago it was a perfect excuse for ROAD TRIP!!!! 
251adj by you.
Nolly at the cliffs of moher.

so we hired a car and sped off to the west coast of ireland for a few days to go exploring and hopefully find this elusive farm. after a night in galway we headed down to the burren which basically is a limestone wasteland. the whole place looks like the moon its so bare. we stoped off at donore castle on the way there but the bloody thing was closed, probably due to some danish tourists turning up and the locals thought the vikings were back :)

me displaying some of our world famous wind!

lemme in ya bastards!!!

after going exploring some caves we went to see poulnabrone dolmen. irelands covered these things built around 3500 bc.

oh and if anyone is interested where fairies come from in ireland. according to legend these were built by a race of giants called the tuath de dannan that defeated the original inhabitants of ireland called the fír bolg. when they were eventually defeated by the invading Milesians they gradually shrunk in stature and became fairys which lived in dolmens and passage tombs. guarding them fiercly, if anyone came near or interfered they would kill them, their family or livestock or put curses on them. this is why fairies are EVIL in ireland. beware! wooooooooooo!

099 by you.
nolly's dreads put mine to shame in terms of amount
100adj by you.

after heading from here the light was fading fast so we headed for the nearest town for some accomodation
BUT! on the way we discovered a half norman half 17th century castle. wooo history fusion!
140 by you.


beware the ghostly traffic sign baring fairies that inhabit these lands. they have magical powers of €50 fines or 3 weeks in prison for a second traffic offence. BEWARE!.....are you bewaring yet?...guys?

i command this door to remain open! AHA!

so we got to Doolin and booked into a veery swanky hotel, then down to the local for a few scoops of the black stuff. the pub had about ten people in it. five of whom had dreads, so we met a lovely dread head from finland called johanna
171adj by you.
172 by you.
yup were quite a few in at this stage :)

so after singing our way home in the pitch black we got up the next day for attempt one and finding nollys family farm. first of all we had to go find this awesome place called hells kitchen off doolin... which didnt take long


yes of course we went right up to the waves

nolly with craggy island from Fr Ted (or inish óir) in the background
599 by you.
me failing at my attempt to avoid posing

after that we made a quick stop at the cliffs of moher which theyve ruined by putting in a poxy visitors centre and a wall. but they can take their rules and shove em up their arse as far as we were concerned
604 by you.

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then after being enfurrriated by the cheek of the visitors centre and the fact it was 8 quid for parking we decided to make it up to mayo and look for ballyglass. 

the trouble was that when we stopped off for break we discovered that there are 3 ballyglasses in mayo (it later transpired that there was 5) and we had no idea which one it was. the information we had from nollys mum was that its near a town called swinford. problem was the ones on my map were equidistant from swinford. so we decided that that was a job for tommorrow. so we headed for the only decent town in mayo, westport

so a few more pints a session in westport to relax the weary bones

i love these. basically anyone can join in, i sang a few songs which got us a few free drinks from a crazy turkish man.
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tipsy and tired hugs :)

then the main event...

after getting very lost looking for an old farm we found with the help of a local librarian and a map found in a church (very da vinci code) we trundled up an old farm track and accross a muddy field to see an old farm house which had to be it (and has since been confirmed by the way)


nolly exploring the north wing...

tiny doors are fun...

and their old back garden....

yay! it was so much fun and there are plenty more adventures in mind for us. woooooo!
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