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maintenance session: daryl

hi guys!

daryl came to see me last week to have me work on his 10-month-old dreads. he was in dallas from louisiana to pick up his brother at the airport, and stopped on by to have his dreads maintained. we were working with a limited amount of time, and his main concern was that he wanted his tips rounded. his dreads had been regularly waxed for their first few months, and it was apparent to me by the patches of completely undreaded hair throughout the length of the dreads. also, note the skinny dreads with a large base section of hair at the scalp - that is the result of waxing. he stopped waxing after a few months, but it definitely delayed the maturation of his locks. so, stay away from wax, kids!

onto the photos!

individual dread before:

individual dread after:

individual dread before:

individual dread after:


you can see in the after shots how much thicker his dreads became after the maintenance session. without the restrictive wax, his dreads will likely keep increasing in volume. if i had more time, there'd be more loose hair cleanup and frizz reduction, but we were both overall happy with the results in the time we had.

check out my etsy if you'd like to click a link. i have some dready goodies up there that you might enjoy!
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