i_am_the_coral (i_am_the_coral) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

suggestions please?

long time no update, sorry, i am cameraless at this point in time.

i've checked out the memories but no real luck in answering my (perhaps weird) question. i've had dreads for about 15 months and have been washing them about once a week and they're wax free BUT i have two cats (both of whom i love but) their hair seems to be magnetised to my dreads. didn't mind so much when it was just the ginger cat cz it blended in but now we have a white one too. the fur has seemed to get right into my dreads somehow and made little fluff pockets which i am forever picking at to try to rid myself of. i thought of doing a deep clean but will this neccessarily rid me of this problem? any suggestions would me greatly welcomed.

much love and thanks.
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