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So I finally stopped being lazy and dreaded a huge clump of undreaded hair at the side of my head. The area used to have a dread, which grew incredibly thin and snapped off eventually, and I was waiting for the hair to grow a bit longer before I dreaded it back up.

DIE, loose hair, DIE!


I also recently bought a big tam from NorthStreetCrotchet on etsy. I love it!


I've been feeling pretty restless about my dreads lately, I'm going to blame it on the fact that it's spring and I always feel really restless when it turns into spring (and I'm also waiting to hear whether or not I've been accepted into the uni I want to go to x_x). I was thinking of taking my dreads out and cutting my hair short, but today I realised that I'm glad that I haven't given in to those random urges. Having a hat that my dreads fit in comfortably has helped a lot, I can have them up and out of the way and it's much more comfortable than just pulling them back into a ponytail or whatever.

So if anyone else is feeling restless and unsatisfied with their dreads and entertaining thoughts about chopping them off ... just shove your hair up in a hat for a couple of days and soon enough you'll be glad you still have them!
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