Kieran (walklikethunder) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

i'm bored, you get a post. :)

I just like this picture. I think it's something like 10-11 months for my hair.

this is the hair like.... right now :)

14 months.....

i just love the comparison. these are from june 08.

aug 08

oct or nov??? 08

i do very little of anything to my hair. i constantly am messing with different roots.... swirling them to get them knotty. some parts of my hair i have as much as 2 inches of loose hair, esp in the front. but the back i have no loose hair close to the scalp at all.

i still have some hair in the back that won't lock in to anything. it's slightly nappy, but i wish it would lock up on it's own. i hate when my partner works on my hair around my ears- my scalp is super sensitive.
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