fabulastic_nyc (fabulastic_nyc) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

considering starting over

i posted here almost a couple months ago, saying how i wasnt that happy wiht my dreads. well, my feelings havent changed much and i've been seriously considering cutting and combing them out. there are a few different reasons.
-i want to grow out my hair so that its the same length and that would happen faster with brushable hair
-i have plaque psoriasis on my scalp and the dandruff and itching and patches are very hard to keep under control when i don't wash my hair everyday.
- i over processed the ends of my hair so i cant do anything to them anymore unless i want them to break off, which they probubly will do later
-and im curious as to what my nature hair looks like brushable, i haven't seen it in that state in over 8 years.

im just having trouble letting go and i thought if i wrote it down and shared with you it might in some way make it easier, because i do love having dreads and i definitely will have them again in the future. i just cant get over this feeling that im wimping out, its pretty much the same amount of time i had my last set before brushing them out.

thanks for reading
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