dreadedmama (dreadedmama) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Timeline, almost 1 year

Ok ok, so I combed my dreads out. The sectioning was bothering me a lot, and I didn't want to ruin more hair by ripping/combining them. It took me a whole week of combing to get them out, but my hair is so long and I can't wait to start set #2 in about a month or so.. So without further ado, here is my timeline.. (my camera batteries die all the time, so the dates are obviously not all right)


about 1 month

2 months

Starting to get loopy/curly at 3 months

about 4 months

 Then I combed out the front 3 and made bangs at about 5 months

between 6-7 months I started Kimmie's dreads too, but she brushed hers out in less than a month because she needed a job

This was about 7 months

Then the color came in January--8 months

and I trimmed the super wispy hairs that weren't doing anything except collecting lint

Then I dyed my bangs blue

And the ends purple..this is the last picture of dread set #1 and you can see where I have already started taking 1 out.

And this is the after. You can't see the length, but it reaches my bra strap in the back

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