do not rely on this broadcast alone (frontlinelogon) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
do not rely on this broadcast alone

re: so this happened yesterday.

those are my new glasses! and i also got a new tattoo(not pictured). exciting.

love it, so much.

i'd been toying with the idea of a dreadhawk for ages now, but kept opting out for one reason or another. i hit a period of frustration with my dreads several months ago, even though my young dreads on the sides of my face were maturing much better than my original set. i realized that by forming new dreads i was committing to a long-term wait as they grew and matured. it made me sad to know that i was absolutely shutting out the chance to shave the sides of my head for at least a few years, whereas before i at least had the option. combined with the fact i was tired of feeling the shorter dreads on my neck, constantly having to pin them out of the way, and dealing with all the loose hairs. so i got my roommate to get out his boyfriend's clippers and buzz it off for me. it took me a little convincing to get him to agree because i told him he'd be the first person to cut my hair (aside from me) in almost 4 years. i cut 7 dreads off and combed out a little bit from two dreads to make wispy pieces around my face, and then my roommate finished the rest with clippers. although i ended up cutting 4 of my 6 baby dreads, i left the two at the crown of my head because they're doing all the cool loopy-bumpy shit my old dreads never did, and i can't bear to cut them just yet. i may leave them for a while but they also fuck up the symmetry of the shaved areas. argh.

i've pretty much decided this has been the best thing i've done to my hair since i dreaded it, which is amusing. it's amazing to be able to feel a breeze on my scalp--something i'm already appreciating as it starts to warm up here. it always surprises me when my sincere love for my dreads develops into something new and i see myself in a new way. i find it interesting that this bizarrely beautiful part of my dreadlocked journey has taken this form, but i'm looking forward to the experiences it's going to bring.

also, my head is fuzzy and knotty and curly and soft. it's a tactile wonderland for someone so touch-oriented like myself. :D

oh and these are from last weekend:

my parter in crime and i at our favorite bar in knoxvegas.

that's all.
love you!

eta: actually my new tattoo is pictured. see if you can spot it!
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