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A big difference from Day One to Day... Year and just over a month.

And boy have they changed so freaking much. I love it - they look like a completely different set of dreads, I think.

Here's what I looked like before.

The first day. I did them myself by just backcombing and found it alot harder than I expected. Luckily I found this community the day after! Wayhey to the memories :D

Not looking so hot - about a month in.

Looking stupidly scary! Haha. About 3 months in I believe.

Same time period

I put some red in with the green about 4 months in - I admit, I did mess with them in their early stages. I was used to having a constant change in haircut and colour and couldn't get out of the habit. Naughty, I realise now!

From the back. Awful dye job.

After a damp palmrolling sesh.

Then I chopped the length.

Then they hit about 6 months and seemed to change overnight into thicker, fatter, bumpier dreads.

Then at 8/9 months I fucking loved them. A huge development already!!

Fave dread :D

But then I went running across the cliffs of South Wales... where it's VERY windy in Winter. Enter loads of loose hairs and me threatening to chop them off. I was so annoyed. They seemed to have gone back a few stages.

They were sooo ugly. Something had to be done. 10 months shouldn't look like this! I kept saying.

It's a nice picture because my bangs shield the mess from the front!! :D

So I had a dread maintenance t celebrate 1 year - 28th Feb 2009. And you know? It didn't take that long, there wasn't that much of a mess. The dreads themselves were still individuals and had barely combined. I realised how well sectioned they really were/are. It just looked really bad because of the huge amounts of loose hair tangling and going curly.

After maintenance.

Much better, eh?

And so I could celebrate my birthday on the 31st of March in super duper confidence! :D


And dancing in my own little happy place.

And that brings me up to the last photo - taken a couple of days ago. Parazone! There is a story about that, but it's too embarressing to go into it. The picture was taken by my partner for my Mum.

So, I think my post just shows how MUCH dreads change and develop through time. This has only been a year and a bit, and just look at the changes. This year has streamrolled through - I don't know where on earth it's gone!

I must admit, I got a little teary digging up older pictures, life has been such a rollercoaster since this set started. But life is never going to be smooth and funky and peaceful all the time, I know that now. I'm not going to say that having this hairstyle has helped me through the shit times and the good times because they just don't represent that to me, but if anything, they've helped me practise some patience and proves that patience sure does pay off!!

So, you newbies out there - stick with it.
And you longtimers - keep loving your hairs and, boy, will I be like you one day in time :D
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