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the best time to post....

is when I should be studying. isn't that always the case?

I stumbled upon gudu a few months ago, and I adore looking at everyone's photos.
thought it was time for me to finally share a few of my own.

dreads are 14 months old. I've wanted them for many, many years but for too long I let others' opinions of me matter too much.
finally, I turned 30 and decided I was ready to do it.
I'd been slowly growing more and more comfortable in my own skin, learning to my myself.
that meant doing what felt the most intrinsically comfortable and genuine.

and so that is how these dreads have made me feel. they are who I am and part of who I want to be.

so without further ado, a bit of a timeline:

feb 2, 2008. this is the last time I brushed my hair.

I liked having my hair long, but it has always been super thin.
thus, I was worried about getting dreads because I didn't want a bunch of bald spots.
but it was worth a try.

so my husband set to work on the dreads. I admit I was a little worried when I sat down to have him section my hair and he didn't even know how to make a part with a comb. consequently, the sections didn't come out quite how I wanted them.

but, 10 hours later, I had dreads and was super stoked!!

so, at this point, I was only using information from 1 or 2 websites that insisted wax was necessary for dreadlock formation.
putting a glob of wax into my hair felt to be about the most unnatural thing I've ever done.
I should have trusted my instinct!

1 month old (my dreads), 9 months old (my son) - st. patrick's day!!


2 months


4 months


6 months
somewhere around this time, I decided to do something about the sectioning that I didn't like. 
which turned out to be most of my head....
I started out with 35 dreads.  one by one, a few this week, a some more a few weeks later, I started ripping the dreads in half. 
I wanted thinner dreads anyway, and the way it had been sectioned, a lot of the dreads were wide and sort of flat.
I now have 67 dreads and am much happier the way they lay.


9 months


10 months.  my daughter, who was 3 at this time, asked me to put a wrap in her hair with embroidary floss.  it was really cute and she kept it in for a long time, and as it grew out her hair started to dread at the top of the wrap.  when we finally took the wrap out, I asked her if she wanted me to brush out the dread, but she said she wanted to keep it.  I was so proud!!  but, the section of hair we had used was so thin that one morning a few days later she came to me with the little baby dread that had broken off.  I couldn't bear to throw it away, so I decided to incorporate it into this tiny dread that I had started from loose hair  around my face.  she's blonde, and I'm ovbiously not, so it's very noticable.  I love the thing, and she always calls that one *her* dread now.    8)


and finally  - 1 year!


most of the dreads I ripped in half came out great, but a few in the front didn't rip all the way so they're shorter. 
they're getting more managable as they grow to be able to get pushed behind my ears, but one of my brothers cut a bunch of his hair off a few months ago and is saving the hair for me so I may extend a couple in the front with that hair when I get it. 
also, a question:
a few other dreads, when I ripped them, became thinner for maybe a section of 1 or 2 inches in the middle of the dread.  how do I add hair to the middle of a dread to beef it up?  should I get a section of my brother's hair, backcomb it a bit, and then crochet it in??


hope you enjoyed the photos! 

now back to that studying....
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