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second set

So I combed out my last set of dreads in january due to their intense developmental problems, and now I'm 100% ready for round 2. I'm having two friends help me out (one is a hairstylist) and we're going to spend Wednesday afternoon dreading.
I don't think I can adequately describe just how. fucking. excited. I am to start another crazy dread-journey!

super babies

just after combin' em out and doing a little dye job (with my baby sister)

so give me your words of wisdom as I embark on my second journey! I'm studying the memories to make sure I treat my new babies right.
also, I have a question about dreads and lifestyle (and this is totally preference-based): I like to be active/outdoors, a lot. I tend to sweat a lot and get dirty as I work in an animal shelter. I want my dreads to stay as clean as possible, and I was wondering how you dreadheads get around this issue? I don't want dreadlocks to hinder me from being outside and active just because I know that I should be careful about cleaning them (so as not to get mildew, etc.), but I also don't want to have crusty sweaty dreads because I'm running around all day.
I know a lot of you enjoy the outdoors/running around as well, so if you could let me know how you get around that, I'd be eternally grateful.


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