hatchetbabii (hatchetbabii) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

care to hear a short story slightly invloving GUDU?

a few months ago a girl in my school started her dreads. her hair was long and bautiful and dreads would look PERFECT in her hair. so i brought her to my house and i helped her back comb, and then i brought her here. and stressed NO WAX! after spending five or ten minutes on here she decided that you guys didnt have a clue what you were talking about (lol) and that she would go to a beauty shop and ask them. they told her to use wax, and not to wash them at all.
i dont have any pictures to show you exactly how terrible this is, but her head looks like a cat crawled onto her head and died. its clumpy, and she seriously has dread just tearing out of her head.

its such a shame, cause her hair would have looked so good if she would have listened to what you guys were saying.
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