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dreadwraps yes!

hey guys, i had a few questions.
i was looking through the memories, but i didn't see anything about this
[however i did see some ADORABLE backwards dread antler things]
and i was wondering a few things about dread wraps!
not the ones with the scarf over all your dreads, but the ones where you'd wrap an individual dread.
i have a friend who did this with pipecleaners, and with string.
i was wondering if you could do it with hemp, and if it would be better or worse.
also, i was wondering if you could wrap it in the style that you would do hemp bracelets,
that kind of a knot, and if it would look nifty? has anyone tried this? would it impair my dreads?

also, do any of you have any pictures of your hemp jewelry?
ive been making bracelets lately, and im hoping for some eyecandy, and some inspiration!
i've seen quite a few gorgeous necklaces on gudu ladies around here- do any of you make your own?

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