Chad (chadisfaggish) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

I'm Pretty Sure I Wanna Cut my Dreads

I've been thinking on and off about it for over a month and always feel relief when I think of the possibilities of a lighter head. I just never managed to wrangle in issues with sleeping on them (I have a bad neck), dandruff, and a few other small things. Notably hats; I love hats. My options are limited with dreads.

Anyway, I figure I'll cut them in a week and a half when I finish off the semester. My girlfriend and I made them together, and I think it important that we un-make them together.

Here are pictures since last I updated, which was like eight months ago. They are a year and a half old at this point:
Oh, there is a "VULGAR" picture at the end.
Exhibit A: Invisible Soccer on Lombard St. Aug 2008

Exhibit B: Golden Gate Bridge Aug 2008

Exhibit C: Mount Manadnock, NH Oct 2008

Exhibit D: Some Party I was smashed at  Nov 2008

Exhibit E: Another Party, for my birthday. I wasn't smashed yet. Feb 2009

I grew a woodsmen's beard for the winter.

Exhibit F: Breast Cancer Awareness Formal Thingy April 2009:

And Finally, Exhibit G: Eiffel Towering my friend at a White Trash Party. April 2009

That is my glow in the dark dildo in his mouth.

So yeah. It's been a good ride.
It's mighty morphin' time.
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