Erik (cottonmouthdn) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Lunch Again

*from my own journal*

OK, so.. usual deal--I was at lunch at Whole Foods today.

I'm sitting there, eating and reading a book, and this 50-ish bald guy comes up to me and hollers out:

"Are you fucking kidding me? That's a wig, right? Jesus Fucking Christ, please tell me that's not your hair! Nobody would really do THAT to themselves! That's ridiculous. You're insane. Let me get a picture!"

I said, quietly:
"I would not kid you. I don't even know you. Yes, it's my real hair. You're yelling out profanities in the middle of a store full of people, and I'm sitting here reading a book. Who's ridiculous and insane, me or you? Go away."

He sulked away, muttering to himself.

What an asshole.
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