Heatherrrr. (foadskank) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

A wow moment! And pictures! AND questions!

I remember reading posts when I first started my dreads where people would write "I woke up today and realized I had dreads!" and I was always like.... what? But it happened to me! I rarely look at the back of my head, and the other day I pulled out a mirror to see how they were doing back there, and waddya know! I actually have dreads!

So now that it's been quite a while, I figured some maintenance would be nice. So... anybody in the Bay Area, preferably San Francisco, willing and able to do maintenance? Maybe even within the next two and a half weeks? :D

I washed my hair today, so it's kinda fluffy.


Two more questions:
1. Do you find that your dreads collect lint? When I first found some lint in one of my dreads I freaked out, and dissected the shit out of it, thinking it was mold, only to find a little ball of fuzz. Talk about a mini-heart attack. :]
2. I've been thinking about dying my hair brown or maybe even auburn. Thoughts?

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