juny476 (juny476) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

spot lights

I have a lot of loose hair. I saw a post where someone (unfortunately I can't remember who!) posted saying that their head felt so free after they got maintenance.

Is there a post in the memories with a list of people who offer maintenance? If so, may some one pelase direct me to it?

If not; we should get a list going. (And I know that's been suggested before.)

if you look close you can see the loose hair...

This is how I like to wear my hair.

It's raining here in Northern NV.

A long time ago, I dyed some hair black. When I dreaded my hair it had faded to a weird gray-brown. The hair under there was naturally light/white/reddish-gray/red (I don't have just one color on my head, rather patches of different colors. But I bet that's natural). I want it back. Plus I feel like those longer dreads are only knotting up ok.

I guess I'm kinda hoping that someone can tell me the secrets of using henna to regain natural color. How can I do that?

*Sorry about the sideways pictures. haha

I feel like I've been posting a lot lately.
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