Spoon Man (intangiblemind) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
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Alright first off i would like to say that there is some negative vibes coming from some people in this community.  Community? eh in a Community we do not disrespect one another.  I was told in some rude negative connontation that i should not post a picture on this site that is not dreads.  Although before the picture i wrote apologizing for having something not dreadyness.  I have some amigo's in this community that asked me to put it up and obviously i have some people who are not entirely fans of me or my art.  I am so sorry for "ruining" your community and if anyone would like to fore say "boot me out"  than i shall leave.  But if people want me, my dreads, and my pics around i shall stay as we are a Community=Family at least thats what i believed it to be.  Here may very well be my last two pictures.....

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