Dewi Neijs (shalajarias) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Dewi Neijs

new update :)

Since i forgot to bleach my dreads before putting the dye in, my dreads are now back to their regular icky orange color..

My mom buzzed the sides some more of my dreads.. it's still a bit too long for my taste but i'm keeping it that way because of my bf (seeing he likes to run his fingers trough the shaved sides)

That's how short it is on the sides

Put some of my hair in a ponytail. The naked part in my hair is where i had an accident when i was little.

Dreads down.. I seriously cannot smile on pictures.. oO

From the back

And this looks kinda silly.. Oh and i'm missing a dermal anchor there because we had placement issues in the beginning and instead of removing it, it came out on its own.. i will get it replaced once the scartissue is gone (or less).

This is one of my favorite dreads.. A good friend of mine, who also has dreads did maintenance on two dreads on my head when we met last summer and i think its cute (and thin)

Now my question..
I recently had maintenance on my dreads, because i had a lot of long hairs sticking out.. and i figured the girl who usually does my maintenance would be able to do something about it.. But now the hairs are lose again and the outgrowth of my dreads are really thin:

Is there something i can do about this? Or should i let someone else do maintenance on me to help with this... It's annoying and i'm scared that my dreads will just 'snap' off.. oO

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