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My dreads are 3 months now! I promise I got my counting right this time since last time I got it all wrong. So, excuse my dull self-portraits, lately I'm having problems with that I prefer to take pictures at people not at me haha, but oh well, here they go for you.

My boyfriend gave me two hats, the one above has two sides.

This one is from Jamaica! I found it abandoned at his closet, he was at the bathroom and I was so excited when I saw it that I interrupted him and asked him why I never saw him with it on and he said he didn't like how it looked on him that his parents brought it to him from Jamaica but he kept it in the closet for years and that now he wanted to give it to me! I was so happy.

And this one is the other side of the first hat. You can see Dr. Ernesto Guevara there! This one is from Cuba.

So here in México is 1:00 a.m but oh well, it's never to late to say "have a nice day", right?


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