Magrat Rathbone (veela_angel) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Magrat Rathbone


Advice please, I'm beginning to seriously consider giving up on dreads. I 'officially' started them back in January, however I seem to hitting problem after problem. My drandruff is fairly bad and has been glueing dreads together, so I combed the offenders out and tried to backcomb them back into dreads. I;m using tea-tree oil and T-gel shampoo to try and sort the dandruff out, but the oil makes my (already greasy) hair, even worse.

I've given up on backcombing them and decided to just concentrate on sorting out the dandruff. However this morning I discovered another dandruffy dread, so I combed that out.

I'm considering combing them out until my head is pretty much dandruff free, but I don't know if it ever will, I don't scratch my head in general, so its not itchy, but its getting into my dreads somehow.

Recent photos under the cut

In both photos I'm the person with the red headband (I live in that thing)

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